Do you have an important event or a dinner in your txoko or company?

“From our home to your home”

Can you imagine delighting your guests with exquisite dishes prepared by our chefs in the comfort of your own space? Our haute cuisine catering service provides the opportunity to create memorable and exclusive moments for your clients.

The advantages of opting for our service are plentiful. Firstly, you will enjoy personalised attention, working hand in hand with our team to design a menu to suit your needs and preferences. From main courses made with fresh, quality ingredients to irresistible desserts, we take care of every detail to ensure an unparalleled dining experience.

In addition, by choosing our catering service, you will benefit from the convenience of having a professional team that will take care of all the logistics and organisation of the event. From the kitchen set-up to the impeccable service, we take care of every aspect so you can focus on enjoying yourself and your guests.

Asador Arraiz Katering a empresas

We don’t bring you cooked food…

We’ll cook it live for you


Business brunch events provide an ideal opportunity to enjoy a relaxing and fun time with your collaborators, clients and partners.

At Restaurante Arraiz, we don’t settle for simply bringing the food to your event, we go further! We take pride in cooking live, right in front of your eyes, to provide a unique and captivating culinary experience for you and your customers.

Transform your events with our live cooking. We offer a unique culinary experience.
Contact us to create extraordinary gastronomic moments that will surprise your guests.

Restaurante Arraiz was certified in 2016 by the EZE for the preparation of special menus for people with coeliac disease. If you need it, we will adapt the menu to your needs.

In 2008, we received the “Q” for quality thanks to our effort and compromise to do things properly.

We offer you the option of contracting different catering services that we can design to suit your needs.

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